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Wisdom teeth
removal in the Central West


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Central West Wisdom Teeth is conveniently located in Lithgow in the Central West of NSW.


From the moment you walk into our wisdom teeth dental surgery you will be greeted by our lovely reception staff in our modern, comfortable and relaxing practice. We have invested in the very best equipment and we maintain the very highest levels of hygiene to keep patients happy and safe. 


Dr Gabriel provides a cost effective wisdom teeth removal treatment, with over 12 years of experience.

About Central West Wisdom Teeth



Wisdom Teeth Removal

It is very common for wisdom teeth to get stuck or ‘impacted’ as they erupt if there is not enough space in the jaw. This can cause pain, infections, or problems such as damage to the adjacent teeth. Removing wisdom teeth can be a more complex procedure than a routine dental extraction and may require a small surgical procedure that is carried out under general anaesthetic in a hospital. Most of the time, however, the surgery can also be performed under local anaesthetic in dental our rooms.

Sleep Dentistry

For those avoiding dental treatment due to anxiety about treatment, we offer in-chair inhalation sedation to make your visit to the dentist as comfortable as possible. Alternatively Dr. Gabriel can treat patients under General Anaesthesia at our local Lithgow Hospital. This is ideal for patients requiring extensive treatment, Special Needs patients and children.

Dr. Gabriel


Dr. Gabriel Mouawad

Principal Dental Surgeon

Dr Gabriel Mouawad will work with you to ensure your visit is comfortable, informative and subject to excellent results for removing your wisdom teeth to keep you smiling.


Dr Gabe completed his undergraduate and postgraduate dental degree in 2011 and has a special interest in Oral Surgery. Since then he has performed oral surgery at Bundaberg Base Hospital and Lithgow Private. His services include wisdom teeth removal, difficult extractions and minor soft tissue oral surgery under local and general anaesthetic.


Dr. Gabe has acquired visiting and operating rights at Lithgow Community Private Hospital where he can provide treatment under General Anaesthetic for complicated procedures and highly anxious patients including children.

Before you visit us

Here are some frequently asked questions


Common Signs And Symptoms of Wisdom Teeth Infection

  • Tenderness and Jaw pain

  • Swelling of the gums around the teeth

  • Redness

  • Cysts, which are pockets of liquid, around the tooth

  • Difficulty moving your jaw to open and close your mouth

  • Bad Breath

  • Bad taste in mouth when eating foods

If you become aware of any of these symptoms yourself, book an appointment with us today.

We accept all health funds.
Central West Wisdom Teeth (Waratah Dental)
are a preferred provider for
Medibank Private and HCF.

Waratah Dental are QIP accredited.

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